Razor – The Technology Works

Imagine your business is a bucket, and your customers are water.

You keep spending money on advertising to fill up your bucket, but for some reason, the water doesn’t rise as you would expect it to.

This is because there are holes in your bucket. Your technology is letting you down, and customers are going elsewhere.

But don’t worry. Together, we can fix this.

For less than a typical media budget, you could work on fixing these holes and get a much better return on investment. Customer Lifetime Value increases and your reliance on fighting to attract new customers is greatly reduced.

Everyone is happy! Except maybe your media agency. And your competitors.

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Watch our video to see what happens when the technology works

Do these problems sound familiar?

Encryption: you impose complicated requirements for passwords, but don’t store them securely.

Site speed: customers are abandoning your site because it takes ages to load a page.

Customer view: your systems don’t share information effectively, so you don’t truly understand your customers.

Consistency: experience varies wildly across channels because your systems and your people aren’t joined up.

Real-time information: you don’t even know if you have an item in stock, so you can’t give that information to your customers.

Automation: you spent £££ on your ecommerce site, but your back office still runs on paper.

Process: you’re not using technology to support your processes, and as a result errors are considered the norm.

Innovation: you thought adding a ‘share this’ button was innovation. Your customers didn’t.

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